Anonymous: True true. I guess the money is more important than anything. Anyways, what groups do you like? -Secret Santa. :)

I like a lot of different groups. I listen to shinee and F(x) mostly, but the group that first got me into kpop was Super Junior. 

I dont think that there is a group that i can say that i dislike. i think i just prefer to listen to Shinee as opposed to anyone else. 

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sm: [is down to only 2 groups that still have all their original members, one of which has only been around for like 8 seconds]

shinee: my momma said i have to go home right now immediately

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Anonymous: Just some honors and AP classes. They keep me pretty busy. I'm hating SM. the way they handle things are wtf. Sorry I'm replying really slow. D: -Secret Santa. :)

A Slow reply is better than no reply. 

SM really doesn’t need to get a handle on their damage control, it seems like if it’s not a dating scandal then they don’t pay a lot of attention to it. i don’t understand why they wouldn’t do whatever they could to keep one of their most popular groups together but i guess they don’t have hearts anymore. 

Michelina’s frozen dinners are good as hell. 

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Lee soo man is probably at home mad as fuck right now. All that work he put in so that he can retire then it all goes to shit after he leaves

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